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Energetic, articulate, inventive are terms that describe my personality. My assets include, a unique blend of traits that allow group leadership, team membership, or independent contracting. Always interested in challenging assignments that require rapid analysis and quality deployment.


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LinkedIn Recommendations

“Mark is a professional technologist who is able to lead projects through good times and bad. I've worked with Mark on a 'project rescue' scenario, and his vision as well as ability to interpret client's requirements, have proven a tremendous asset time and again.” August 12, 2007

Jeffrey Fritz , Sr. Software Developer , Telerx
worked directly with Mark at PSS

“Mark brings a high level of industry knowledge and experience to all projects. His leadership skills are evident from the company’s that seek him out! Mark consulted our company on a very difficult project; without his guidance we would have not reached our goals.” September 17, 2006

Anthony Magliocco , Director of Sales and Marketing , Controlware Communications Systems
was with another company when working with Mark at PSS

Consultant at Telerx

Mark is an extremely talented and skillful architect/developer. From my initial entrance at Telerx, it was very clear that Mark was considered the "go to" guy for technical expertise. Not only was Mark a technical standout, but he had a very solid understanding of the overall business processes in place. It was this, along with Mark's very personable nature which made him a true pleasure to work with.” July 20, 2008

Terry Rinehold, PMP , Technical Services Director , Telerx
worked directly with Mark at Telerx

“I recommend Mark to any employer that needs an effective team leader for software development. Out of all of my colleagues, I would say that I learned the most from Mark. His excitement for code and theory stimulates everybody he works with to approach every challenge in an effective way. He always has the right attitude and is a great mentor.” July 5, 2008

Anthony Davis , Applications Developer , Telerx Marketing, Inc
worked indirectly for Mark at Telerx

“Mark is a strong technical resource seamlessly blending the skills of a Tech Lead, Developer, Business Analyst and Technical Project Manager into one. He understands the business side as much as the technical side resulting in consistent delivery of solutions that meet the business needs, work perfectly and are user-friendly. It is a pleasure working with Mark on any initiative.” March 12, 2008

Debby LiVolsi , Director, Client Services , Telerx
worked with Mark at Telerx

“I give my highest recommendation for Mark. I brought Mark in to work on some of my toughest projects. His technical skills are exceptional and his ability to communicate solutions to non-technical people is an tremendous asset. He is a professional and he is a great guy!” December 13, 2007

Gene Johnston , Director of Application Development , Telerx
managed Mark at Telerx

“Mark is an energetic and talented software professional. He possesses extensive technical knowledge with the latest Microsoft development tools. Mark often shares his knowledge through speaking engagements in the Philadelphia community. Mark is well liked, respected, always professional and possesses a wonderful sense of humor. He would be a great addition to lead any organization's project needs.” October 11, 2007

Donna Terzano , Corporate Recruiter , RDA Corporation
was with another company when working with Mark at Telerx

“I highly recommend Mark to anyone who is interested in getting the job done. Mark is a dedicated, pragmatic, clear thinking individual that has a way of identifying the relevant questions that need to be answered and presenting them in such a way that decisions can be made. I've worked with Mark on multiple projects for multiple clients and all of them have been very successful. Mark has an easy going personality and is able to interact easily and comfortably with all levels of business and technical personnel. Mark also has a depth of knowledge across multiple business and technical disciplines. Mark is an asset to any project, I recommend him highly!” March 16, 2007

Joe Szodfridt , Sofware Development Consultant , Telerx
worked directly with Mark at Telerx

“Mark is a smart and highly energetic individual. He has great knowledge and experience dealing with various aspects of software development. He also a great human being and fun to work with.” January 6, 2007

Jai Chilumuru , Sr Programmer Analyst , Telerx
worked directly with Mark at Telerx

“Mark is a very smart and fun guy to work with.” December 24, 2006

Temmy Park, PMP , Sr. Programmer Analyst , Telerx
worked directly with Mark at Telerx

Consultant at Vspan

“Mark is a great project manager. He understands technology, its value to the business, and how to deliver successful projects. Mark stays on top of new technologies and is always willing to share his knowledge with others. I always had a great time working on his projects.” August 23, 2007

Michael Wrobel, MS, MBA, PMP , Senior Consultant/Lead Production DBA , RDA Corporation
was with another company when working with Mark at Vspan

“Mark is a fantastic team leader. Working with him was a pivotal time in my career and he was able to help me grow both professionally and as a person. Now that I'm in a leadership role in my career, I look back at how Mark did things for guidance. If I had a large project that absolute could not afford to fail, Mark would be the first person I'd call to lead it.” April 15, 2007

John Hofmann , Developer , V-Span
reported to Mark at Vspan


Lead Siebel Developer - Telerx

I and Mark worked together for the past three years and I worked with him very closely. He is very professional and talented. He worked with me as Project Manager, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Project coordinator or Programmer. He is well versed in Project Management with his experience and his technical skills. I say him as an all rounder, as he involved in pretty much everything and contributed in one way or other to every part of the project. He is very easy to work with. I gave him a nick name in my team as “Thinker”. He does think in ways that no one thought of at critical junctures of the project and makes significant contribution to fix issues. I will be glad to provide him a reference, anytime he needs.







Internet HTML 4.0 , MS Internet Information Server 6 ASP/COM+, ODBC/SQL based CGI applications, JAVA, ISAPI, DNS, ActiveX, Winsock API, DHTML ,XML, JSP/Servlets , J2EE Beans, WML c# .NET 3.5 ADO.NET PSLQ
Microsoft MS-Visual-Basic 6, MS-Access-Basic, VC6,Multimedia Programming Win32 API, MS-SQLserver DBA and developer, Front Page Silverlight, C#,
Oracle Web based Oracle Application development 8i 9I 10g PL/SQL
Call Center Apps Dialogic API, Brooktrout API, Artisoft/Stylus OCX, MS TAPI, IVR, Custom Voice and Fax servers VoiceXML, CT-ADE Siebel CRM E-pharma V8
Project Management OffShore development leader, Mentoring, Team building, Agile development, Source Control, Release management, Configuration Management



Independent Contractor - Contract History 


01/09 to Present Highpoint-Solutions
            Project Manager

Project manager responsible for converting classic asp sites into a single global internationalized highly scalable site.  Responsible for all aspects and  phases of this full lifecycle project. Combining Agile development approach and Microsoft's latest technology for team development.

03/02 to 01/09   Division Merck Co.
 Senior Tech Lead / Architect for Merck’s Patient Assistant Programs.

Senior member of Telerx’s Integrated Solutions staff assigned to the Merck Business Unit.  Architect a new web based patient eligibility program call floor application for Telerx’s Merck Business Unit.  Lead a development team, using RUP to design the architecture, lead the coding and manage the full life cycle for a pattern based rules engine. Data needs to be stored in Oracle backend using XML services. Supporting Open standards, electronic partner providers’ data exchanges and multiple internal systems integration.  Reliability and ease of use were paramount.

In May 2007 given additional responsibility for the PAP program for the Vaccine division. This included complete project responsibility for a Siebel EPharma CRM and a  C# .NET consolidation portal.

Project manager for an Off Shore team for Development in India.

May 2008 given additional responsibility for two new major web/Siebel app for Merck.

Also a senior member of the Development team I helped the group transition to .net technology from vb6/asp. Assisted in design reviews and vendor selections.   I was a member of team to select MS-SharePoint portal solution and AnyDoc imaging software.

Team member distributed imaging project.  Selected and converted large scale imaging (OCR) application (Anydocs software) for use by the data entry department. Setup servers, design workflows and processes, build custom scripts and screens, and develop backend reports and storage.

08/01 to 01/02  Division GMAC Commercial Mortgage 

Tech Lead / Architect / Project Manager for


Direct application development team. Design, and support all aspects of the Realpoint development team (12 staff members).  Responsibility included development policy, practices and procedures using a Modified MS-Framework methodology.


I was initially focused on stabilizing a highly visible major new release contracted to Microsoft Consulting division (MCS). Microsoft (MCS) was the prime contractor and Realpoint was looking for a strong technical project manager to guide the transition from the Microsoft management team to internal staff.  I lead the successful transition to the Realpoint staff and created new development management practices to allow the internal staff to continue the development of new releases.



11/00 to 7/01 King Of Prussia PA

Project Manager Core Services Team.


 Responsible for Client server and Web based Audio, Video Reservations and Billing Systems.  Leading all aspects of two teams responsible for coding and enhancing MS- DNA, XML based web and VB client server apps.  Initially hired to manage a development team they called  “Core Systems Group“. Core systems include all major operating aspects of the company’s business software infrastructure. This includes Video and audio scheduling, VB and C++ client server apps as well as IIS5 ASP COM+ web based, Video conferencing scheduling applications. Video and audio bridge management and schedule loading, accounting functions, including, billing and account creation, international and local rate pricing for their network services.


My responsibilities included team building and personnel corrections. I introduced enhanced source control practices, creation of an improved Q/A release control practice. Code reviews, to improved speed and quality of the software releases. I was asked to create of new design standard, as well as introducing a change management process for all aspects of software to the customer service call floor.


Based on my success I was asked to lead a team to deliver the first .NET style solution that V-SPAN had undertaken. The project was designed to isolate the user interface from the middle tier by using XML documents. Our efforts succeeded in producing the first XML schema submitted for consideration to for video conferencing.  I provided focus and technical vision to the marketing product managers as well as the technical team.   I implemented a Modified RUP design SDLC as a technique to speed the development and assure the quality of the project.


2/00 to 11/00 Cigna Group Insurance Philadelphia PA

Project Manager


Lead a team of ecommerce developers to allow Internet self service enrollment and inquiry, application for a new Cigna group insurance product. The focus is on bringing a very large legacy IBM application directly to consumers. The architecture is based on IBM Websphere EJB servers. We deployed a large-scale EJB servlet, JSP application connected to an IBM host application. I was responsible for all aspects of this deployment. We are also using a modified Rational Unified Process development (RUP) methodology.  This included the full life cycle development. I managed a multi-discipline team that included employees and consultants and was often asked to mentor the team and management. At Cigna I was recognized as a leader in implementing RUP (Rational Unified Process) and appointed to organize a task force to review the architecture for the largest web project at that time


8/99 to 2/00 FirstUSA Wilmington DE

Project Technical Lead


My assignment was to rescue a new release of an Intranet Human Resources application. The technology used was IIS VB/COM DHTML JavaScript Transaction Server SQL7.0.  The application was a peer to peer human resources (360) employee review system designed to support 200 concurrent web users.  My challenges included team building, code reviews and application development against a very short timeline


10/97to 8/99 Telerx Inc. Horsham PA

Senior Contractor / Mentor


Convert from Unix IVR based application to a NT - SQL system using Visual Basic Com objects

Year 2000 System Upgrades and Conversions. Create a DHTML based Intranet Transcription System for Oracle Developed a replacement for a Foxpro based dos rebate data entry system to a browser based  “DHTML” Oracle backend application environment that allows for rapid deployment of new rebates programs. I created a real-time embedded voice player to eliminate the need to create audiotapes.  


10/97-4/98 Merck& Co West Point, PA

This was a replacement for a Lightship client server app that the company wanted to move to Internet based technology. IIS plus MTS based com objects on the back end and Netscape clients.


11/96-10/97Rhone Poulenc Rorer Collegeville PA

Lead contractor for Web based Intranet application development team- IS Group


Supporting the marketing communications department application development need. Applications included Oracle and MsAccess based apps for managing associations and Press materials via the Intranet.


11/94-11/96 R.H.Donnelley Div of Dun & Bradstreet Wayne PA

Lead solutions architect


Develop and design a complete custom back office solution for 16 city network Talking Yellow Pages. Database design and application consulting - voice processing

Internet WEB Based UPI based subscription news service - project developer/designer


6/95-present Part Time VISI Santa Monica CA &

Contractor for MS-Visual Basic Prototyping


Integration testing in Visual-Basic of all aspects of VISI's custom DLL /OCX

Code and developed On-line e-commerce and community called


1/94-11/94 Smith Kline Becham Phila PA

Lead developer for MS-Visual Basic/SQL


Pharmacoeconomic Modeling Integrated Health Care Management

Tradeshow inventory management application


4/90-1/94 Digital Equipment Corp. Nashua NH

Subcontracted designer and developer of HYPERkit


 NT Voice mail development toolkit which is completely written in C supporting SQL and ODBC.

Designer and developer of AUDIOkit VMS Voice mail development toolkit which is completely written in C supporting RMS and RDB DEC-VOICE Dialogic voice hardware

Custom development of applications, MS-windows and DEC Vax


9/86 TO 1/90 Perception Technology - Boston MA

Regional Sales Director


As director of all sales and development support activities within the geography which consisted of an area from Connecticut to Texas, including the Federal Government District.

Manage reseller relationships Managed all aspects of large custom development of PC and DEC based systems.  Clients Included Chemical Bank, Social Security, IRS, Cigna Ins, NYNEX


5/82 TO 9/86 Motorola Computer Systems Cupertino CA

Branch Manager


The full range of account and development management duties, including project responsibility, Communications development and customer satisfaction for Shared Medical, Malvern PA

Influence development standards for this OEM.


1978 – 82 Various Marketing Assignments



Bachelor of Business Administration - 1978  Temple University - Philadelphia PA Major area of study: Marketing Management

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