Mark Scott, RDA
Mark D. Scott is a consultant with RDA, a provider of advanced technology consulting services. He is an MCSE+I, MCSD, MCDBA and MCT. He idles away his days designing and deploying datacentric web-enabled applications. He coauthored e-Commerce for Dummies and was a contributing author for the MSDE Bible. He also writes for a number of technical journals on system deployment and software development. He speaks at a variety of conferences nationwide.


I co-authored parts of all these books.  I am also currently working on ADO.Net for Sam's with Craig Utley.

E-Commerce for Dummies, Hungry Minds, ISBN: 0-7645-0847-4

Professional SQL Server Data Warehousing and Analysis Services, Wrox Press, ISBN: 1861005407


MSDE Bible, Hungry Minds, ISBN: 0-7645-4681-3